Amazing Contributions


People are building some amazing castles for Fortress.  A picture speaks a thousands words so…

Castle by Tornado Castle by Rushhour

The two relevant threads: here and here.


9 Responses to “Amazing Contributions”

  1. joki Says:

    Those look fantastic!

  2. dinosaur fact Says:

    Got a little bit confused while reading :S

  3. beyondtheoaazar Says:

    come on charlie just post new post I am waiting for new post forever :S

  4. Eclectic Says:

    Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation :) Anyway … nice blog to visit.

    cheers, Eclectic.

  5. BOOMBOX Says:

    ok HOW DO I PLAY THE GAME!!!!!!!!

  6. Dread Knight Says:

    Are you still working on this project? Bumped into this when searching on google for some fortress refs and such. I’m a game developer as well :)

    • jslootbeek Says:

      I believe there still is some work being done at

    • Charlie Says:

      At the moment work is at a standstill. The thoughts still linger but it never really progressed past the prototyping stage.

      The main issue was that all genuine developers kinda disappeared very quickly leaving me (not really a strong developer) as the sole programmer and it declined from there.

      The project needs a restart.

      • Dread Knight Says:

        I understand.

        I have started a foundation a while ago
        One of the two projects we’re working on is a mmo rpg tbs, called Ancient Beast.

        You can see some of the artwork here (dropbox or it’s dA group).

        We recently have decided to use as our engine and we’ll be mainly programming in javascript (some members from freegamdev community are involved as well).

        Ancient Beast has adventure and combat mode and they’re both based on square tiles / grid. So the targeting/path-finding/AI/map editing/generation will be based on it. Perhaps you would be interested in helping out as well?

        (perhaps you’re familiar with homm3 or homm5, disciples 2, age or wonders 2 or something similar in order to get a better overall idea)Anyway, you can find more info in the projects page, documentation still lacks a bit of love but if you have questions, don’t hesitate.

        The project is bigger, people are involved and things are on the right path, so don’t expect this to be abandoned and such.

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